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Weed Control

One of the main goals of lawn care is to protect against weed infiltrations. Three of the most common lawn weeds are: crabgrass, dandelions, and white clover. These weeds steal resources and nutrients meant for your lawn and can expand rapidly. One dandelion weed can produce up to 15,000 seeds, so it is easy to see how weeds can spread and take over a lawn in no time.

The biggest defense against weed infiltration is to grow your lawn as healthy and thick as possible. By growing your lawn thick and dense, it chokes out the room that weeds need to grow and take root. As part of keeping your yard healthy, it is important to make sure you fertilize regularly as well as maintain good amounts of water in the soil. Dried out soil can make it easier for weeds to take root with most yards needing at least an inch of water per week to maintain healthy levels. Lastly by mowing high, you can help create a canopy that keeps sunlight from reaching the seedling weeds.


Common weeds include:

  • crabgrass

  • spurge

  • dandelions

  • morning glory

  • thistle

  • bentgrass

  • white clover

  • henbit

  • chickweed

  • plantain


In our area you may find common weeds, such as dandelions, spurge, morning glory, crabgrass and thistle. Thistle can be extremely painful to step on and can be a deterrent to playing in your yard. Concentrating on keeping away dandelions, morning glory, crabgrass and thistle can leave you without any time to actually enjoy your weed-free lawn. Burmood Property Care has trained lawn service technicians in weed prevention and control. Allow us to do your dirty work, while you enjoy the benefits!


Dandelion plants are incredibly hard to get rid of; their roots can be up to six feet long! What’s more, when broken, each individual taproot can grow up to five new shoots. So ‘pulling weeds’ will not effectively eliminate dandelions. Dandelions flower during the spring and fall. Their flowers are at first bright yellow, before they turn into a ball of seeds. Dandelions are pesky weeds because of how quickly they spread, due to their lightweight seeds that travel in the wind.


Morning Glory
Morning glory is a vine growing plant that can have blooms of various colors. As beautiful as these vines look, they are extremely difficult to remove because of their deep root system. Trying to eliminate them by pulling them out of the soil will not work. The roots will still continue to grow underneath the soil and sprout up again and again. Morning glory prefers a temperate and moisturized habitat, which is why they flourish in western climate. This plant is acknowledged as an invasive weed because of its deep root system, which out-competes and smothers other plants.


Crabgrass, also known as finger grass, is an extremely common weed. There are two main types in North America: hairy crabgrass and smooth crabgrass. Crabgrass grows well in warm regions where the soil lacks nutrients and proper water drainage. Because crabgrass grows better in thinning or shortly-cut grass, lawn maintenance methods can be taken to prevent crabgrass, such as mowing your lawn higher than 2.5 inches.


Thistle is easily identifiable by its prickles. It’s not a fun weed to have in your yard, especially if you have children playing barefoot in the lawn. Although thistles don’t pose a life-threatening threat, their sting can be extremely painful. Thistle typically appears in late summer.

Other Weed Control Services:

  • Noxious weed control: County weed control boards require homeowners to treat for noxious weeds. BPC provides this service for residential and commercial customers.

  • Lawn weed control: Keep your lawn healthy and green and prevent common lawn weeds like crabgrass and dandelions from taking over.

  • Shrub bed weed control: Unsightly weeds in your ornamental shrub and flower beds are controlled with our season long program. An initiation of pre-emergent treatment with carefully timed followup treatments will keep your shrub beds weed-free all season.

  • Bareground weed control: Create fire safety around out buildings with bare ground weed control services. Commercial and residential applications are available, so call a BPC representative to map out a program that fits your needs.

  • Public utilities, parks and schools: Specialty lawn weed control applications for government and county agencies.

  • Commercial services: Complete grounds maintenance service is provided by BPC contact us for more information.


The use of chemicals, along with fertilizer and standard lawn care, can also help to prevent weeds from appearing or spreading.


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